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This is the second post in our 5 to Follow series.  To read the first, go here.  As you know, the DEN is about connecting educators to their most valuable resource…each other. We try to do that in a variety of ways, but have always found that the best connections begin from an initial sharing of ideas and thoughts. Over the years, we’ve seen connections in the DEN grow into wonderful friendships and realize that many people refer to their DEN friends as family. Those connections often start with a simple follow on Twitter or a connection via Facebook. It starts online and then people meet F2F at a DEN event and it takes off from there.

The initial interaction often begins with idea sharing. We decided to ask the DEN Community who they’ve learned from the most and who others should follow. We received a few names and want to share those with you below. We will continue to share recommendations from the community throughout Connected Educator Month (and beyond) to help you become more connected to some of those special people in the DEN.  If you have someone in mind you’d like to recommend to the DEN Community, you can fill out this form.

Here are 5 DEN members to follow, suggested by others in the community and the DEN Team. The comments that follow are from those who made the recommendations.

  • Mark Case – (Twitter) “Follow his enthusiasm and his journey; they are contagious!”
  • Rafranz Davis – (Twitter) “Rafranz is always sharing tons of great information. She seems to always be tweeting!”
  • Dean Mantz – (Twitter) “Dean shares great information, I particularly like the articles I find in Mantz’s Mission.”
  • Todd Nesloney – (Twitter) “I think he lives on Twitter.  He shares so many good resources – including a lot on Flipped Classrooms.”
  • Gina Powell – (Twitter) “The resources Gina shares are always valuable. She’s a great DEN STAR to be following.”


Do you have anyone in mind that should be featured?  Who do you think does a great job of sharing and connecting?  Tell us, we’d love to share your recommendations!



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  1. Dean Mantz said:


    Thank you for the honor of being recommended. The DEN is full of “STARS”. I truly hope everyone is following you as well!

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