The Air Force Collaboratory: Project 3

Your student’s idea could help launch a GPS satellite into space in 2014!

High school students from around the world have collaborated on the first two Air Force Collaboratory projects with great success.  Thousands of ideas have been shared to create real solutions to real challenges.  The Search & Rescue 2.0 and Mind of a Quadrotor projects have already generated amazing ideas from developing the first generation Search and Rescue Microbot to programming autonomous quadrotors.

Now, we’re excited to talk about the last project which is truly out of this world:

Project 003: The Launch of GPS IIF 

This is not a hypothetical project. The launch of this GPS satellite is scheduled for spring 2014, and the Air Force is seeking your help to place it precisely in space. This satellite will join a constellation of 31 other satellites and provide global positioning for billions of users. That’s not a typo—billions of users.  Members of Air Force space Command are ready and waiting to work with you to determine the exact coordinates in which to launch the newest $150 million satellite into orbit.

If you are passionate about problem solving, you are trying to invoke this passion in your students, or your students are already passionate about space and satellites, please invite them to join this project. This is a big challenge that will require lots of smart thinking.

To help you along the way, check out these resources developed specifically to engage students and inspire creative thinking.


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