Mousey Monday – National Prohibition Act












Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers! On this Day in 1919, US Congress passed the National Prohibition Act, known also as the Volstead Act, which established prohibition in the United States. This meant that the production, transportation and sale of alcohol was now considered illegal. The act was effective from October 28, 1919 to January 16, 1920.

Once the act made alcohol illegal, criminal gangs took over the market and this posed a whole new problem for the government. Discovery Education’s 2 minute video segment titled “Prohibition” provides details on how this act failed to achieve its goals.


You can also check out our 15 minute audio clip on how prohibition worked during this time and help help your students understand what did the  Volstead Act meant when it was passed in 1919.


It is always interesting for students to look back in time and see how different things were almost 100 years ago.(94 years ago to be exact!). We hope that our resources bring history to life in your classroom. If you have any comments or feedback on how you used these resources in your classroom, please tweet us @DESupportStars with #mouseymondays! Have a great week!


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