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Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers! It is now November, which means 2013 is two months away from becoming 2014!  Why wait till next year to begin your New Year’s Resolution of becoming more involved with Discovery Education? Sign up this month for one of our free Webinars available to all our Discovery Education users! All you have to do is register.


Here’s a look at the schedule of all the upcoming Webinars for the remainder of November:



Nov 01 Discovery Education Techbook: The Student Experience

Nov 04 Discovery Education Techbook: Strategies for Using the Builder Tools

Nov 05 What’s New with the Discovery Education Techbook in Texas? Techbook 2.0 Overview

Nov 06 K-8 Science Techbook: What Does It Look Like In My Classroom?

Nov 06 What’s the 4-1-1: Untangling the Web

Nov 11 High School Chemistry and Physics Science Techbook: Getting Started

Nov 12 thinc Differently – Earning Straight C’s is a Good Thing

Nov 13 Administrator Tips and Tricks

Nov 13 High School Biology and Earth/Space Science Techbook: Getting Started

Nov 13 Changing the World, Step by Step


Please click on the links to get more details on the topic, presenter, time and duration!

You can register by logging into your Discovery Education account, navigating to the DEN, clicking the desired webinar link under the Upcoming Webinars, and registering.










If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to tweet us at @DESupportStars with #mouseymondays! We hope you enjoy all the free Webinars we offer! Happy Mousey Monday!


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