Fall VirtCon 2013, a look back and a look forward

The VirtCon is an event that’s near and dear to my heart. One reason it was a crazy idea we came up with several years ago that we were told to run with, and since then it has grown to epic proportions. But even more so, the reason it’s so specical to me is that I feel it really represents the best the DEN has to offer.

The presenters are STARs, members of the DEN team, other educators and members of the education community that I have the highest respect for. Some are seasoned vets when it comes to presenting, others are doing it for the first time. But they’re all wiiling to step forward and say, “I have something that’s worth sharing with others.” That’s not easy, and I have such admiriation for every person that does it.

The F2F events are all organized by members of our community. They open up their schools, organize gatherings at cafes, or even invite people into their HOMES so that they can have create a powerful learning experience for others. Without their efforts, the VirtCon would just be virtual, and nowhere near as powerful as it has become.

Finally, every attendee is devoting at least a portion of their Saturday to their own professional development. Instead of laying in a hammock reading or hitting the farmer’s market, they’re committing themselves to finding new ways to improve the learning experiences they offer to students. And I’m thankful for every person that chose to spend a part of their day with us.

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to be revisting the 2013 Fall VirtCon. Our LC Blog Team is choosing some of their favorite sessions to review, recap and share out here on the DEN blogs. SOme of these sessions you may have seen before, and have the chance to get a new perspective on. Others may be your chance to catch a session that you missed the first time around. I hope you enjoy this look back on the event, even as we look forward to sharing all the great presentations that were featured throughout the day.

I’ve included the PreCon session below. This session may not be the most educational of them, but it’s a way for us to set the tone for the day. To welcome everyone, to get everyone acclimated to the system, to test out their gear and to share a cup of coffee as we all settle in. Throughout the session, you’ll find trivia questions related to some of the new content being added to Discovery’s products and services, as well as highlights from our various programs and partnerships.

Brace yourself, there’s so much more VirtCon on the way!


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  1. Stephen Knows Cancer said:

    When people are willing to take the time to improve themselves in an effort to expand upon the experiences they can offer to others, it always brings a smile to my face. VirtCon sounds like a great experience and I look forward to it.

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