Planting Trees for the Environment

Thanks to a grant from Polar Bears International and Roots & Shoots Korea, Nursery Road Elementary now has 15 new trees!  This weekend we held a planting event and invited our students, staff, and community out to plant trees with us and to learn how trees can help our environment.

Did you know that trees absorb CO2 and other harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen?  Our new trees will also provide shade, attract wildlife, and absorb sound- they will also add to the beauty of our schoolyard!

So why did Polar Bears International and Roots & Shoots provide trees for a school in South Carolina?  It’s simple!  These groups encourage people to make changes in their lifestyle and community that will help decrease the amount of carbons in the air, thus decreasing the effects of global warming.  By planting trees and involving the community we have encouraged people to make small changes and hopefully they will add up to help the polar bears in the arctic and other animals that are in peril due to environmental change.

What will you do today to help the environment?  Visit Polar Bears International or Roots & Shoots to get ideas for yourself, your school, or your community!

Here are some pictures from our event:

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  1. Julene Reed said:

    Love it! I helped connect R&S and PBI a few years ago, and it is so exciting to see these two organizations doing great things! Congratulations to everyone…especially the students. Keep up the great work!

    Julene Reed
    Advisory Council Member of Polar Bears International and Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots (and Discovery STAR Educator) 😉

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