Why Be Active?

Byline: Jessica Donaldson

While exploring the Energy Balance 101 curriculum from the Together Counts program, I came across a fun and important lesson for grades K-2 and 3-5. The lesson is entitled Why Be Active? and prompts students to think about the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

The lesson plan’s “instant expert” section gives you exactly what you need to jump in and get started in the classroom. Benefits of physical activity are broken into three categories: Physical, Emotional, and Social. Whether you download the PDF version of the lesson or pull directly from the webpage, you can easily cut and paste the information into a number of presentation tools to get started.

Not only will you get your students moving and on the path to a healthier lifestyle, but they’ll have fun as they compete to collect cards explaining the Benefits of Physical Activity Cards, which are included as an Activity PDF. Students will continue to be engaged as they monitor their heart rate during different activities, like jumping jacks or running in place. With winter holidays around the corner, it’s important to remind students about the importance of energy balance: balancing calories consumed with calories burned.

Download K-2 Why Be Active? lesson

Download 3-5 Why Be Active lesson

Let’s face it, we could ALL use a “brain break” during the day. Why not integrate Energy Balance lessons into your classroom instruction? Here are some times when you and your students could use a brain break:

  • Before sitting down for a test

  • In-between school-wide testing/benchmark sessions

  • Start off each week with a lesson to remind students to get moving

  • Kick-off the weekend for students and remind them to STAY moving

  • Inside when weather prevents outdoor activities

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