The Hour of Code is Coming!

The Hour of Code is now just a few weeks away. If you haven’t heard already, we’re supporting this unprecedented movement to help 10 million students try computer science this December (9-15). We’re asking you to join us.

Please host an Hour of Code for your students. For details, see this handout and this this how-to video. Get started at

Why computer science?
Technology is everywhere today. But only a tiny fraction of students are learning how to create technology. The Hour of Code is a campaign to prove that every child can start learning the basics. will provide tutorials with options for every age, every device, and even “unplugged.” No prep from teachers needed.

While tutorials are still under construction, we invite you to check them out – featuring Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Angry Birds.

2,000,000 students and growing
Over 2 million students are already planning to participate in the Hour of Code across 144 countries! See schools participating in your area here.

This amazing milestone proves that the demand to catch up to the 21st century with relevant computer science education knows no boundaries.

Let’s open up a new world of opportunity for today’s generation of students. Join us now.




  1. Claire Ratfield said:

    Because this is so foreign, this means I am not in my zone of proximal development…soooo, I appreciate any information I can get to make sixth graders aware.


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