Administration Support

Submitted by Rita Mortenson

Every teacher knows that the support of the administration (in terms of time, money, attention and recognition) can make or break any innovative idea or initiative that anyone tries to initiate in a school setting.

Today, I was fortunate to witness two amazing administrators at Bedford South School, part of the Halifax Regional School Board that care so deeply and passionately about the success of their students.  They supported and encouraged their entire staff to attend a full day of professional development on skills necessary for the future of our students – critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, information fluency and more!

Not only did they support and encourage the staff development, they valued it so much that they set aside all plans for the day and attended the entire day as well.  And let me speak from the heart now as an educator for 25+ years in saying that their involvement is so critical and powerful that they might not realize the impact that this has on their staff – incredible, essential and amazing all in one.  Not only did they attend this 8 hour event, but they were so engaged in every single iPad app, Web 2.0 tool or Discovery product that their teachers had access to, and how it would help each of their students as they become life long learners.

At the end of the workshop, I had a chance to talk with Debbie Metherall, Principal of Bedford South School in Nova Scotia and Dan Gilfoy, Associate Principal.  Both had positive things to say about the day.  Great job educators at Bedford School District. 


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