DENapalooza 2013 – That’s a Wrap!

This past Saturday, we wrapped up the 2013 DENapalooza Tour.  If you’re not aware, the tour included 10 full day professional development events across North America. I was fortunate to host and attend the tour stops in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Bradenton, while my fellow DEN team members led events in McKinney, Winnipeg, Boise, Denver, St. Louis, and Seattle.  The structure of each event was fairly consistent, but each event certainly had it’s own feel.  Some had more attendees who’ve been active in the DEN for a while while others had a majority of educators new to the DEN.  One thing that was consistent at each event – the enthusiasm of attendees.  Each stop had educators willing to participate, present, and share with others – and we couldn’t be happier about that. In every case, the DEN LC member who hosted the location did an outstanding job with the arrangements and each event would not have been successful without their leadership.  There was plenty of assistance from other LC members and STARs at the various locations as well.  These events showed again, how DENmazing the DEN Community is when it comes to learning, sharing, and networking with others. At each event, we tried to take pictures and videos to put together a short video recap about the event. Take a look at the map below and click on each location to see the video from that event. We’re excited to announce that the DENapalooza Tour will continue in 2014. At this time, we’re planning on 10 stops. We know there will be plenty of interest in hosting a tour stop and while we’d love to go everywhere, we simply can’t.  If you’re interested in submitting a potential location, you can do so on the 2014 DENapalooza Proposal Form.  When considering locations, there are a few “musts” that need to be in place before we’ll consider the proposal.

  • Close (within about 30 min) to a major airport
  • The district or area must have a relatively large Discovery Education user base.
  • Ideally, the event would be hosted in a school with strong wifi, support from administration, and sufficient technology.
  • NOT near a 2013 tour stop
  • An LC member or DEN STAR willing to organize the event

Interested in possibly hosting a tour stop for 2014 so you can experience the excitement and learning that goes with DENapalooza events? Fill out the form and we’ll see what happens. The tour just might stop in your area!


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  1. Melissa said:

    DENapalooza 2013 was a huge success! Thank you for allowing St. Louis to host an event in October. I am glad to hear this great event will continue in 2014.

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