Share Some KinDENess!




We all know that educators (and especially Discovery Education educators) are generous and kind people.  We  find ways to share our generosity and kindness in what we do everyday: a kind word for the struggling or bullied student, a cup of coffee for a co-worker, or a home-cooked dinner for our family (even though we have had a hard day).

Even though we as individuals ask no recognition (because this is simply what we do), I ask each of you to celebrate and share the special ways you, your students, your schools, your community, and your colleagues help others- it is called kinDENess!   Please share by commenting below or Tweeting with the hashtag #kinDENess.  

It’s not tooting your own horn!  Teachers, students, and schools don’t get enough positive PR.  Plus, our world needs more positive role models and we need to hear more about the great things that our education community and our DEN members are doing- just because you are who you are!  Hey, and a kind thing that you can do right now is to recognize a friend for something that they have done!  Are your students involved in a great community project?  Let’s hear about that, too!  


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  1. Norma Rockwell said:

    I give all year long. During this Thanksgivukkah season I opened my arms to a homeless student and donated non-perishables to our church community.

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