Discovery Content and Board Builder

Submitted by Rita Mortenson

So, we all know that Discovery Education has as amazing video content – have you seen North America yet? If not, I would put that into your Discovery search bar right away and find those amazing videos. Discovery also is known for assignment builder, writing prompts and a whole host of other neat sites for students, staff and parents.

What is absolutely fantasitc and will “knock your socks off” is the new Board Builder. Board Builder is like a “modern day poster board”. Teachers love it because you have the capability of creating classes or just having your students log in and begin creating them. Students love them because they are so user friendly to use, have neat templates and are customizable to your interests and can include a great deal of content. You can include Discovery videos, images, add text, web links or you can upload your own videos, PDF files, word documents and more. It is such a versatile and easy to use program — it is a Discovery Fan Favorite. And parents love it because students can showcase and share all of their neat work and log in at home to show their parents. The possibilities are endless for this. No more tag board, markers, white out and glue – you now have access to Board Builder!


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