A Few of Our Favorite (Discovery) Things-Magic School Bus

When I grow up, I want to be like Miss Frizzle–the hair, the dresses, the pet lizard…and of course, the magic school bus.

Thanks to Discovery, you too can go on adventures with Miss Frizzle and her class with the animated science series “Magic School Bus”.

To explore all things science, Miss Frizzle transforms a school bus, and sometimes the kids in it for an insider’s look at whatever they happen to be studying.

Some of my students’ favorites:

Cracks a Yoke– This is a great one for the itty-bitties (our affectionate name for the K-1 bunch) when they are studying baby chicks.  It talks about chicken eggs, what happens when some of those eggs get fertilized, and the growth cycle of the baby chick inside.

Takes a Dive– Our school librarian loves, loves, LOVES pirates, but although its a fun extra,  this isn’t actually the main learning in this episode.  The kid follow a treasure map through a coral reef to learn more about what lives there.

Under Construction-We love this one for the STEM tie in.  Kids have been spending a good part of the semester talking about buildings and structures, and this episode, where the kids have been shrunk in a bathroom and have to engineer their way out, is a great way to build background knowledge.

Going Batty– A favorite around Halloween.  Miss Frizzle turns her students’ parents into BATS! The kids must save them.

These are just a few of the many, many offerings with this series.  Kids love Miss Frizzle–and lets face it, most of us teachers do too.



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  1. Rachel said:

    I agree! Even though it’s an older series, it still stimulates the kiddies’ imaginations and is still so relevant!

    Thanks for posting a few of your favorites – one of ours is Gets Ready, Set, Dough, where they go into the baking process! So much Science involved in cooking!

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