Connect with Weather virtual field trip

connectweatherfeaturedComing up on December 11th at 1pm ET, I will be hosting a unique virtual field trip event LIVE from The Weather Channel in Atlanta, GA.  We will explore the science behind severe weather to give students a behind the scenes look at the technology used to predict and track weather systems and learn how to be prepared in case of a weather emergency.

I live on the east coast and we are now headed into winter, but we have also seen our share of hurricanes, and even at times – tornadoes.  No matter where you live in the country, I am sure that you have experienced some type of severe weather.  This virtual event will explore everything from how tornadoes are formed to predicting and tracking hurricanes.  We’ll cover preparing for power outages during major winter storms and understanding what fuels wild fires.  A meteorologist from The Weather Channel will take you through a day in the life of their job and discuss what it takes to bring  vital weather information to you and your families, as well as share some incredible stories from recent events.  We will also discuss the important measures that every family should take to be prepared and stay safe in all weather emergencies – including completing a Family Preparedness plan and a simple supply list to have on hand.

We will talk about the technology  behind storm tracking and share the latest in forecasting modeling.  We will even take you behind the scenes to show you the inner workings of The Weather Channel!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to have your students learn from the meteorologists at The Weather Channel – you will be able to submit questions in advance as well as join a Q&A session during each segment by submitting questions live.

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Plus, before the event, we have provided some video and hands-on activity resources on the following weather systems for you to use in the classroom.  Check them out and be sure to look for a special Family Preparedness take home activity at the conclusion of the event.


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