Apps Smackdown

At the recent Halifax, Nova Scotia 21st Century Learners conference, a number of iPad apps were presented.  The genre of these apps ranged from photos, creativity, organizational and learning. All the apps mentioned were free.  Some do have an upgrade if you choose to buy it.

The photo and movie apps include:  iMotion, Haiku Deck,  Colar Mix  and  Creativity Studio. These were some of the apps that the group listed as favorites.   They had different educational applications and will be tried out soon.

Two great apps for story telling are sock puppets and puppetPals.  Recently I used this app with second and third grade students and they absolutely fell in love with them.  They both bring out creativity in the students.

Finally a great app for either teaching or assessing is educreation.   This app turns yours ipad into a whiteboard.  You are able to write and record your voice at the same time. This app would be great for a flipped classroom, an absent student, to help the students you are having trouble understanding the concept, or as an assessment tool.  Educreations can help our students show or gain deeper understanding of the concepts.

Submitted by: Cathy Houchin


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  1. Alexander MacDougall said:

    Wow! Great to see our own city of Halifax, NS mentioned here! It’s not a big city and the entire city is covered by one public school district (as well as independent schools, etc.)… it’s too bad that an event like this happened here and those of us who are involved in using technology in schools and facilitating PD on technology in the classroom didn’t know about it!!

  2. Alexander MacDougall said:

    LOL…. now after looking more closely at the photo of Rita and Cathy… I think I need to retract my comment! If the conference referenced above is the PD that Rita and Cathy facilitated, then I’m not only aware of it, but also attended part of one of their sessions! OOPS!

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