Gain an EDGE on leading the digital transition!

We are proud to once again partner with Wilkes University to create the EDGE program, 12-credit Letter of Endorsement that provides a quick pathway to expertise in emerging technologies.  EDGE stands for

  • Emerging trends and technologies
  • Digital transition
  • Graduate Level
  • Endorsed skillset

Whether you’re considering a master’s degree or you already have one and want to further your credentials, the Discovery Education EDGE provides a compelling career growth opportunity. By combining a forward thinking curriculum with existing and proven pedagogy, all under the guidance of an established leader in digital instruction,  this program will prepare you for the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing, digital classroom.

You can learn more about the program during Kathy Schrock’s upcoming Hangout, Getting an EDGE on PD, which will feature both Dean Shareski and myself in a candid conversation about the state of professional development, teacher certification, and how to stay abreast of current trends in educaitonal practice.
Requirements for ongoing PD are shifting within schools, and the options for learning are increasing rapidly.  Between degree programs, conferences, workshops and elearning events, there have never been more options for extending your own professional growth.  Schrock and her panel of experts will guide you through some of the best options out there and share insights into the new courses that they have recently created.  
Join us for a spirited conversation, and learn more about the newly launched EDGE Letter of Endorsement!

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