More to Follow

During Connected Educator Month, we shared a couple of blog posts called “Five to Follow.”   The idea was to have the DEN Community share the people they learn from and with so we can let others in the community grow their PLN.  We are going to take a slightly different approach today.  Rather than share 5 people to follow like we did in the first and second posts, we are going to share one resource that will allow you to find 5 to follow – and more!

We’ve been gathering Twitter information from our STAR Discovery Educators and have a Twitter list of over 650 DEN STARs.  A great way for you to find 5 (or more) to follow is to scroll through the list exploring the profiles of these educators to follow those that are interesting to you. When you find someone to follow, simply click on the Follow button.  Many of these educators also have class websites or blogs. If you click on the person’s picture or name, you’ll see their complete profile that might include a website or blog link.

The list contains many educators new to Twitter.  Many of these people do not have complete profiles yet.  Some haven’t added a picture. If you fall into one of these categories, now might be a great time to update your profile.  Don’t forget to add DEN STAR to your profile.

Did you notice that some of the educators have a little blue star on their profile picture?  Would you like to add one to your profile?  Watch the video below for directions.


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