Discovery Through Consumption



I have always found that for me discovery starts with research and consumption.  So the printing bug bit two days ago right before the start of the weekend.  So over the weekend I started to research about my new 3D printer.


I am a blended learner… I need a book but I also need websites.  So first I typed in MakerBot and found their fabulous website which led me to the book that they published.  Now the book – Getting Started with MakerBot is available as a PDF but I just needed to have it in my hand.


So I have started my consumption journey… learning through research and searching what others have done.  Now I am engrossed in ThingiVerse.  I set-up my account and started liking all of the designs that appealed to me.  This process of consuming what others have already designed will help me to start to figure out how to start using this new technology with students.


So what is my next project?  The bug has bitten.  Stay tuned to what gets printed tomorrow.

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  1. Kass Bates said:

    Inspiring Karie, makes me want to become a consumer!

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