Mousey Monday – White Elephant










Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers! Our Discovery Education team has an upcoming White Elephant Holiday Party this Friday, December 14.

The White Elephant Holiday Party is primarily known in North America. The purpose of the party is to entertain rather than to gain. Participants are to wrap a gift, usually a gag gift, and place it into a pile. Participants should not tell anyone in the party what gift they have brought. The rules differ depending on the organizer and players, but generally, participants pick a number which determines the order that they will select from the pile. The participants have the option of selecting a present from the pile or stealing a present someone else has already picked from the pile and unwrapped in front of the group. The game ends when the first participant decides that they want to keep their gift once everyone has gone. If the first participant decides to steal someone’s gift then the game goes for another round.







Discovery Education has a great 22 minute full video for you to share in your classroom about the different holiday traditions around the world. It is wonderful for students to learn about different cultures to have a greater understanding of the world. Please feel free to tweet us any questions, comments or feedback at @DESupportStars with #mouseymondays! Happy holidays to our Cache and Cookies readers!


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