Share Some KinDENess in December





Celebrate and share the special ways you, your students, your schools, your community, and your colleagues help others- it is called #kinDENess!

The great thing about being part of the DEN is that I am surrounded by hard-working, selfless, smart people!  The ways that this community of educators share ideas and support one another continues to astound me each and every day.  I feel lucky to live in a time where social media, technology, and the DEN can bring us together in such positive ways.

As a community we have exhibited many instances of #kinDENess that have recently included:  collecting books on #givingTuesday for the Purple Feet Foundation, the 12 Days of Christmas Tech Challenge (#techformersu) created by Andrea Keller and friends, and welcoming Edie Erickson’s little girl into the world.  What else would you add?  Tweet about it with the hashtag #kinDENess or add it to this form anonymously and I will share it for you.

The kindness and generosity will continue without my suggestions, but here are 12 ways that you can share the #kinDENess with your students, colleagues, staff, and community:

  1. Say something (or even better, write something) positive to each of your students.
  2. Do you have an administrator’s parking space?  Give it away to a teacher or other staff member.
  3. Learn something new that you will be able to share with your students.  (Join in the Hour of Code or try the 12 Days of Christmas Tech Challenge.)
  4. Got snow?  Shovel a neighbors walkway or clean off their car’s windshield.
  5. Adopt a school family for the holidays and purchase things they need.
  6. Like, Share, or Comment on a colleague’s post on the DEN Blogs.
  7. Get your students involved in doing something good for their community or world and learning at the same time.  (Check out the Siemen’s We Can Change the World Challenge, Challenge Based Learning, Belk Service Learning Challenge, or Project Polar Bear)
  8. Help a colleague learn something new (in person or by posting on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook)
  9. Smile!  (You never know when your friendly face will make a difference.)
  10. Drive with patience and let the crazies go first.
  11. Offer to watch a teacher’s class during lunch, recess, or dismissal to give them a much needed break.
  12. Buy a cup of coffee or a fast food order for the person in line behind you.

There are so many ways to share the #kinDENess.  Add your thoughts and ideas below.  Remember, kindness is contagious.  Happy holidays!



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