Connected Learning

I am a teacher.  I believe that all students can learn.  I also believe that ‘for all students to learn’ we adults have some important thinking to do together.

In an attempt to stimulate serious thinking around this the topic of Connected Thinking I pose these questions:

Is the role of schooling to deliver content to the student?

Could the 4th R related to educating every student be: RELEVANCE?

Who are the people responsible for helping young people both survive and thrive as learners?

Is there value in students learning how to: learn, adapt, engage and be flexible?

Has our current approach to schooling tended to leave many learners behind?

What would happen to our learners if each were heavily engaged in their own learning?

These questions may lead to more provocative thinking.  They may lead to more questions. I believe that reflecting on what ‘can be’ in our educational system must be high on the agenda of all of us. Our young people and their futures are a precious asset which we must not underestimate.

Please click on this picture and then on the arrow that will start an eight minute video on connected learning (note: the first 20 some seconds of the video are silent).




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