NCSLA Science Leadership Fellows

NC Science Educators,

Take advantage of this exciting leadership professional development opportunity!

Apply to be a NCSLA Science Leadership Fellow

The  NCSLA Science Leadership Fellows Program will enhance you professional competence and develop the leadership  abilities necessary for you and other science leaders to operate  effectively in various leadership positions in science education.  This  two year program accepts 12-15 science educators (formal and informal).   Apply now to be part of the 2014-2016 cohort.  Applications are due December 20, 2013.  Both NCSLA members and non-members are invited to apply.

About NCSLA The North Carolina Science Leadership Association (NCSLA) provides opportunities for science educators at all levels to exchange ideas and information, promote the cause of quality science instruction, and influence the creation of policies and legislation. Today, science leadership begins in every school and includes lead teachers, department chairs, science coordinators and supervisors, university professors, state agency specialists, private science consultants, business and industry. No matter what role you play, NCSLA is your source for information and the place where your voice can be heard in improving the quality of science education across North Carolina.  You can learn more at