Chad’s Choices from the Community

It’s hard to believe 2013 is almost over.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were preparing for Y2K!  This is the last Chad’s Choices from the Community post this year, but no worries, it’ll continue in 2014.  I hope the series has brought ideas and thoughts your way and has helped you make new connections in the DEN Community.  Keep reading to find a few blog posts and resources that were shared by a DEN member on Twitter. Keep in mind, while others may have also shared the same post/article, I saw it posted by the person I’m noting below. Forgive me if I’m not giving credit to the person who first posted it. In addition, you’ll find a few blogs by DEN members and members from community to follow on Twitter. Some of the people listed are veteran DEN members while others are new to the community. Lastly, I’d like to share a DEN Person of Interest, which is slightly different this time around.

Articles from the Community

Favorite Tweet from the Community



Blogs/Wikis/Class sites from the Community

People from the Community to Follow

Persons of Interest

I’m going in a different direction for this week’s Person of Interest.  It’s not a person, it’s a team – the DEN Team.  I am so fortunate to work with a group of fun, hard working, and talented individuals that it amazes me what awesome things they come up with and how great they are at supporting you.  I wanted to bring my colleagues to your attention because there are many people doing amazing things but you might not know who they are.  Take a look at our team, they’re here for you!


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