Science Techbook Approved in TX State Adoption Process

The Texas State Board of Education has approved the use of the Discovery Education Science Techbook series as a core instructional resource for elementary, middle, and high school science courses through its state adoption process.  All K-12 Discovery Education Science Techbook courses were adopted by the state, with 100% coverage of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and English Language Proficiency standards. School districts across Texas now have the option to implement the Discovery Education Science Techbook, a fully interactive digital solution that replaces traditional textbooks and can be used on any device.

A complete digital solution built from the ground-up, the Discovery Education Science Techbook features compelling video; digital simulations and explorations; virtual and hands-on labs; an interactive glossary with animations, audio, and video; and core interactive text with text-to-speech, leveled reading, and note-taking, and highlighting capabilities.  Recognizing that districts with Spanish-speaking populations require additional specialized resources, Science Techbook supports English language learners through helpful features such as hundreds of Spanish language video segments, a multimodal interactive glossary with definitions in Spanish, and a Spanish reading path with text-to-voice capability. Science Techbook is currently available for K-8 science and high school courses including Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, and Physics.

Discovery Education Science Techbook is built upon the 5E model of instruction, a non-linear curriculum pathway that promotes inquiry-based learning, enhances literacy and thinking skills, and improves student achievement through interactive digital lessons that bring science to life. The Techbook series is revolutionizing instruction by supporting multiple learning styles, interactive content that specifically appeals to digital learners and real-time updates that allow teachers to incorporate current events and cutting-edge thinking into their curricula.

In addition, Techbooks offer built-in assessments that measure students’ progress and support individualized classroom instruction. Aligned to state standards, the Techbook series creates learning environments that promote collaboration, creativity and participatory learning.

Discovery Education Science Techbook is cloud-based and works on any platform-iPads, tablets, mobile devices, laptops, or desktops. In addition, the model lessons embedded throughout the Techbook provide teaching strategies for different classroom configurations– whether whole group, small group, or 1-to-1. Techbooks are also a substantially less expensive option per student than a traditional textbook, with additional savings derived from a lack of textbook replacement or inventory costs.

If you are a STAR Discovery Educator, you have access to the Science Techbook through the end of the school year thanks to a generous gift from our friends at 3M. So log in to Discovery Education to take a tour.