DEnbrarian YA selection for January: The Book Thief

Discovery’s DENbrarians are getting their YA “book on” every month!  Wanna join us?  We’re looking for  Media Specialists who would like to select the book for DENbrarian!  Click here if you’d like to take over for a month!


This month’s selection is The Book Thief.

Death is the narrator in this Zusak masterpiece. It is 1939 in Nazi Germany and the folks of Molching, a fictitious town near Munich, are poised for the despairing years ahead. Liesel Meminger, the protagonist, is a foster child who finds comfort in books which she can’t resist stealing. She learns to read with the help of her accordion-playing foster father. She shares her stolen books with the Jewish man hidden in their basement  and with her neighbors during bombing raids.

Reading this book is like weaving a fine, intricate tapestry. The characters are rich and deep, the language beautiful. Despite the tragedy and the  dark part of history this book should not be missed.

I chose this book for several reasons. First of all I hadn’t read it and have been wanting to for some time. Additionally, the 8th grade GT class on my campus was reading it so I knew I would be able to engage in some great book discussion. Finally I love to have students read the book and see the movie. It usually ends up with them realizing how much better a book can be than a movie. As a Media Specialists any time I can get students loving a book over a movie it gives my heart a little hug!

book thief

I am planning on a  Skyping or Facetiming book club  with some the other Media Specialist across town . If this sounds like something you might want to bite off let me now and we can set it up!



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  1. Judy said:

    I have just started reading the book-I’m a little behind! The snow days are great for reading though!

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