VirtConRecap of: Board Builder and 50Ways to Use it ; presented by Jeanette Edelstein

If you are new to board builder, curious about board builder or just wanting to explore and create with board builder this session is a must watch. This is the exact reason I selected this session for my recap. Selfish confession….
Rather than slide through 50 ways to use board builder Jeanette did a great job of showcasing the features, uses and shared some great examples.Here are my take aways.
The boards are completely customizable and can be used to showcase any content or topic. Users can start very simply using the templates or can create their board from scratch. In either case the tools are customizable and very user friendly.  There are lost of different design options which allow students and teachers to create boards that relate to content. There are many options for adding content including video, images, audio files, and personal documents. DE content is always a great option too. In creating a board the search button takes you right to the DE search and you can narrow it down just as you would if t were searching in DE.
Jeanette shared examples of boards from the simple to complex showcasing the wide range of uses for board builder. Event the youngest learners can use this creation tool.
Since VirtCon the Board Builder has become available for teachers making it a great option for front loading material, highlighting weekly updates to share with parents, or creating alternative student challenges. Once a student has saved a board they can then share it with their teacher and then the teacher has the option to share with the school the district or the DE community.
At the time of this writing there were 651 boards available for searching. Here is a link to a blog post by Chad sharing 50 ways to use the builder which can also be used to help you launch your own creative ways to use this great new DE feature!





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