Where in the World is #DENSI2014?

Happy new year! I hope you are staying warm out there. Based on my Facebook feed, it looks like a lot of DEN members have enjoyed a couple of extra days of winter break. I see all of the reports of cold weather and it makes me dream of summer. Specifically I start thinking about the DEN Summer Institute (DENSI), our annual gathering of DEN STARs for a week of learning and fun. This year, DENSI (pronounced DEN-S-I) will be July 13-18 with a pre-conference for DEN Leadership Council members on July 11 and 12. So the dates are all set. Actually, the agenda is pretty much set too. I’ve even worked with our great events team at Discovery to find a perfect location. The university has air conditioned dorms, there’s an airport reasonably close, and there are nearly no stairs for those like me who like to maintain our pleasantly plump figures.

Here’s the thing though; I am not allowed to disclose this amazing location until all the Ts are crossed and Is are dotted on the contract. Nobody said I couldn’t give hints though. So I did. On Facebook and Twitter I gave hints. Then I realized that’s not right. Everybody should be allowed to play along. So here are the hints. I’ll have more as we get closer to actually being able to announce. Just know that I really can’t tell you until I can tell you!

Hint #1: Not in eastern time zone
Hint #2: Contiguous US
Hint #3: In a state I’ve previously visited (that ruled out Oregon and Alaska as an FYI)
Hint #4: In a state the begins with a consonant and ends with a vowel
Hint #5: In a state that is less than 125,000 square miles but greater than 10,000 square miles
Hint #6: Colder than normal there today (helpful hint, right?)

Now here’s a hint about the application. Be sure you spend some time checking out the Spotlight on Strategies and brush up on using Board Builder. Those two things might really come in handy. Also, give some thought about why you want to attend and how you will spread what you have learned if you’re accepted.

#DENSI2014 is going to be the best summer institute ever. I am sure of it.


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  1. DiAnne said:

    I love this as I have been playing along. I have my list and have been checking out universities in those states that are close to major airports. I can’t wait till you can finally announce it but perhaps you should just continue to give us hints till someone guesses the correct location!

  2. Laura Smith said:

    AAH! How did I miss the clues!! I thought I followed you on Twitter and Facebook! guess i’ve been out of the loop. I’M SO EXCITED!!

  3. Zulma Whiteford said:

    Not giving up on Hawaii even if it does not meet Hint# 2!

  4. DENnis said:

    Glad to see we have the correct pronunciation. Although I believe “DENnis – I” would also be acceptable.

  5. Trace said:

    LOVE this! All I want to do is research those clues…I think I’ll put my fourth graders on it tomorrow! (A little help doesn’t hurt) 🙂

  6. Neene said:

    Thanks for clarifying about DEN-S-I. I was beginning to think I was a big dense after hearing so many pronounce it wrong.

  7. Wendy norton said:

    Love the clues, glad the dates are set. Can build my teaching schedule around the dates. Have a few ideas in mind. Super excited!!


    I am ashamed to admit that I have not been reading the Spotlight on Strategies (S.O.S.) Blog until today, but thrilled to now know it is there. It is amazing!! The staff at my school (and county) are going to love it and I can not wait to share. Seriously, this is really well done!!

  9. Mark Case said:

    The guessing game has been very quite. Any more clues or guesses?

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