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chadschoices2Woohoo! 2014 is here.  Okay, I’m not really that excited, but tossed in the woohoo anyway.  This is the first post in this series for January and I hope previous posts have brought ideas and thoughts your way and have helped you make new connections in the DEN Community.  Keep reading to find a few blog posts and resources that were shared by a DEN member on Twitter. Keep in mind, while others may have also shared the same post/article, I saw it posted by the person I’m noting below. Forgive me if I’m not giving credit to the person who first posted it. In addition, you’ll find a few blogs by DEN members and members from community to follow on Twitter. Some of the people listed are veteran DEN members while others are new to the community. Lastly, I’d like to share a DEN Person of Interest.

Articles from the Community

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Blogs/Wikis/Class sites from the Community

People from the Community to Follow

Persons of Interest

This week’s Person of Interest is Edie Erickson.  Edie, a DEN STAR from Michigan, was a first time attendee at the DEN Summer Institute last July and those in attendance loved getting to know her and learn from her.  Last year, she also was one of the highest users of Discovery Education and won a usage contest.  This month, she’s hosting a Face to Face location for Techbook Live! in her school.  Techbook Live! is our Virtual Conference centered on the use of Discovery Education Techbook that takes place on January 25th.


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