New FREE Tool to Send Large Files via Email

Have you ever had to send a large file and your email client won’t allow that large of a file to get to its recipient? I came across an article from about a web tool to send large files. The tool is called ‘Filemail‘ and so far it has been a lifesaver. It saves you time when sending large files as you don’t have to register for an account or download an app. There are desktop apps that you can download after filemailsigning up for an account that gives you more options like sending an entire folder of documents instead of individual documents. There are desktop apps for sending and receiving and the best thing is the tool is free!

To use the tool, go to and enter your email address, the recipient’s email address, a brief message if you desire and attach the file(s). It is super quick and easy to use. It is great for sending large documents, ebooks, or slidedecks via email. If you work on creating digital content with Discovery Education resources and want to share your creation via email, you can use Filemail to send the files and collaborate with your colleagues. In the ‘My Content’ area of the Discovery resources, you can find all kinds of multimedia to include in PowerPoints or use the Board Builder. Filemail will even let you know when the document is received by the recipient. A simple download is all it takes to quickly save the attachment(s) to a hard drive. You receive an email that shows it was delivered and when it was downloaded. It is a great tool to share resources or student work with parents.

I used to email lessons, documents and presentations that I created at home to my school account and would often run into problems if the file was too large. Try out Filemail and I am confident you will be a fan just like I am!



  1. Kass Bates said:

    Thanks Kim, I tweeted this to my district. This has always been a problem for us!

  2. Kubes said:

    You should definitely try also MyAirBridge ( For free you can send up to 20 GB, with profile even up to 100 GB!

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