Two weeks left to apply – Make this summer one to remember!


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Two weeks left to apply – Make this summer one to remember!

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to transform STEM learning in your classroom. Log in and submit your Siemens Summer of Learning Application today!

As you work on your application, please remember:

1. Submit your video in the correct format.

  • You may only submit a YouTube URL. Judges will not view videos posted on other websites.
  • Make sure your video is posted as “unlisted,” NOT as “private.” If it is posted as a private video, the judges will not be able to view it. Instead, you can find directions to post your videos as “unlisted” here.
  • Try sending the video to a friend to make sure others can view the video.
  • Remember, the video will not be judges based on the technical/aesthetic quality – videos are used for content only. We simply want to see your passion for STEM!

2. Remind your recommender to complete the reference form.

In order for your application to be eligible for judging, the reference form from your recommender must be submitted by the application deadline. You should receive an automated email confirming that your recommender has submitted the form.

3. You can apply for one or all three Siemens Summer of Learning programs with one application.

There are three opportunities for free STEM professional development this summer – the Siemens STEM Institute or the Siemens Teachers as Researchers (STARs) program (offered twice). With one application, you can apply for all three if you so choose, just note your order of preference.

4. Don’t forget to click “Submit Application”.

Once you have completed your application, make sure you go to “View Summary” on the left-hand navigation, review your application and click “Submit Application” at the bottom of the page.

5. Submit your application by 5:00pm ET on Tuesday, February 4th.

We cannot accept applications past the deadline.

6. Email us with any questions.

If you have any issues or questions, email us at

We look forward to receiving your application. Good Luck!

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