DEN Digital Learning Day: Feb. 5

Digital Learning Day, organized by the Alliance for Excellent Education, is an annual celebration of innovative teachers and common-sense, effective applications of digital learning in schools that support teachers, improve learning, and provide options for students to achieve at their highest potential.

For members of the Discovery Educator Network, digital learning is not just a day, but a way of life. So we certainly have to celebrate!

DEN Digital Learning Day is a celebration of the wonderful things DEN Community members are doing in classrooms across North America. In order to share the great things you are doing, we need your help!

There are several things you can do to help us showcase how you are using Discovery Education resources with your students and in your classroom. Below are four suggestions, but feel free to send us something else that you feel exhibits digital learning.

  • Short video clips of students learning digitally with Discovery Education resources (15-30 seconds)
  • Artifacts from a S.O.S. lesson (photos videos, reflections)
  • A story or artifact from DEN Connects
  • A Board created with Discovery Education Board Builder showing digital learning

Here’s the link to share what you and your students have created.

DEN Digital Learning Day is February 5, 2014. So send us your artifacts before that date. We want to feature them.

To get you warmed up for DEN Digital Learning Day, here’s a short message from your DEN Team.

Be sure to watch your newsfeeds and the DEN Blogs on DEN Digital Learning Day for lots of fun and maybe some prizes.