We Love Groundhog Day and So Will You

Flashback with me if you will to February 2, 2010. The DEN Groundhog made his first appearance and our lives have been forever improved. If you missed the event, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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As you can see, we have long loved the groundhog and his day. So this year, we are counting on Punxsutawney Phil to tell us when to reveal the location of the 2014 DEN Summer Institute. Usually we are all sad when Phil sees his shadow. That scares him and he runs back in to his critter cave to hibernate for another 6-weeks of winter. Well this year DEN friends, we will all celebrate if Phil goes back into hiding. You see, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, we’ll announce that very day all the important details about where DENSI2014 will be and how to apply. If our buddy Phil decides the weather is set to improve and bring us an early spring, we’ll celebrate, right? Yes! We’ll also wait until DEN Digital Learning Day (February 5) to make the big DENSI announcement. It’s a win-win situation.

Here it is again for you:

Groundhog sees his shadow, we will tell you where DENSI2014 will be on Groundhog Day.
Groundhog says spring is  near, we will tell you where DENSI2014 will be on DEN Digital Learning Day during our 1pm ET Hangout.

You’ll find all the info about what we’re doing for DEN Digital Learning Day right here. Make sure you participate. There are some assignments ahead of time. We’ll post the link to the hangout on that page, here on the DEN Blogs, and on Facebook and Twitter. So don’t miss it!


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