A New DEN Summer Institute Hint!

In case you haven’t seen it, the bright minds of the DEN Community have created a Google Doc to help solve this mystery. They seem to be down to seven states. We have actually narrowed it down to nine. I suppose the hints have been a little tricky.

I mention the collaborative doc because that’s really what being part of the DEN is about. The educators in the DEN are committed to working together to solve problems. It might be a little thing like figuring out the location of the DEN Summer Institute, or something of much greater significance like how to reach a tough to teach kid. That’s why I feel so blessed everyday to be a part of your community.

You’ve earned yourself another hint.

Again, thanks to Mark Case for the help! (You can pester Mark for the location, but I promise he doesn’t know. That kind man took the list of contenders and gave us information about each of them.)

Hint #7: The official state rock is NOT agate.

Ok. There you have it. Now get to guessing! Where do you think #DENSI2014 will be? Tell us all about it in the comments.



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  1. Kristy Vincent said:

    Ok. So that takes care of Nebraska and Kentucky. I’m still holding out for Colorado. Maybe it’s just because some of the local DEN Stars figured out we can turn it in to a road trip 🙂 of course we have to get accepted first!

  2. Jennifer Morrison said:

    Minnesota as well I think, while they don’t have a state rock, Agate is their state mineral

  3. jen wagner said:

    Hmmm want to stick with Colorado but just might be Nebraska.

  4. Robyn Thiessen said:

    I am holding out for Nevada, there are cheap flights from Canada!!!

  5. Mark Case said:

    Does this constitute a DENny award nomination? Lol. 😉

  6. Kelly said:

    I’m with Nancy! Am afraid Colorado doesn’t fit the area parameters from the last hint 🙂

  7. Chad said:

    Has anyone double checked the Google Doc for mistakes? Is there a chance that one of the states that’s been eliminated is actually the one?

  8. Mark Case said:

    @Kelly and @Nancy why doesn’t CO fit? The state rock is NOT agate.

  9. Melissa Robison said:

    Go Missouri! “We” are still in the running.

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