Where in the World is #DENSI2014

You did it! You earned another hint about the location of the DEN Summer Institute, so here it is. But first, let me recap the previous hints:

Hint #1: Not in eastern time zone
Hint #2: Contiguous US
Hint #3: In a state I’ve previously visited (that ruled out Oregon and Alaska as an FYI)
Hint #4: In a state the begins with a consonant and ends with a vowel
Hint #5: In a state that is less than 125,000 square miles but greater than 10,000 square miles

So here’s the next hint:

Hint #6: The state bird migrates.

A special thanks goes to NC DEN STAR Mark Case for providing a list of clues I could use for the remaining states. This clue should eliminate 2 more.

Don’t forget, Punxsutawney Phil holds the key to when we announce. If Phil sees his shadow, we will tell you where DENSI2014 will be on Groundhog Day. If he says spring is near, we will tell you where DENSI2014 will be on DEN Digital Learning Day during our 1pm ET Hangout.

Want another hint? See those buttons right below this post for Twitter and Facebook? When the sum of shares is greater than 50, you’ll have yourself another hint.

While you’re here. Read Kari Huttner’s post iMake iLearn- Minecraft just below this one. If her post gets more than 50 shares, I’ll give you another hint.

Come on, share the DEN love. I’ll share a hint if you do.


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  1. Mark Case said:

    The tweet count is not working. 🙁 I’ve tweeted it to both accounts and it has not changed. 🙁

    I had a blast doing some of the research. No, I don’t know where it is, but I know what two to eliminate!!!! 🙂

    • DiAnne said:

      What nine do you have it down to Robin? Can anyone direct me to the Google Doc on this?

  2. Molly Hay said:

    The one state that I have not eliminated yet has 2 state birds. After doing some research, they both migrate. Princess Porter is so tricky!!!

    • Mark Case said:

      Remember, the OFFICIAL state bird! The one approved by the state legislature.

  3. Shelby Bailey said:

    The Google doc is AMAZING! What fantastic collaboration!

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