Apply to Attend #DENSI2014


The Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute (DENSI) is a unique weeklong residential style professional development opportunity that brings together STAR Discovery Educators from across disciplines and geography with a common mission to energize their own teaching
through the power of collaboration, technology, and fun. This year, we’ll be gathering on the banks of the Cumberland River in the Music City, Nashville, TN at Vanderbilt University July 13-18.

DENSI (pronounced DEN-es-eye) is free to attend but does have a competitive application process. Find out more about it at Be sure to read the FAQ for important information before you apply.

We hope you will apply to attend.  Applications are due March 24, 2014 by 8am ET.




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  1. DiAnne said:

    Since it is close (TN), I may be able to pull this off (if I get accepted). I got to start working on my application!

  2. Paula Naugle (@plnaugle) said:

    This is so exciting. Now to get busy and get my video made and application completed. Thanks Porter and the rest of the DEN team that does all of the work on the back end to make DENSI “the event” of the summer. Hoping by the end of March I’ll be shouting, “Nashville, here I come!”

  3. Barb Grindle said:

    Gotta find my cowboy boots and practice the Two Step!

  4. Stephanie Bass said:

    I am getting started on my application ASAP. So exciting!!

  5. Alison Schleede said:

    Need to start getting in shape now for the #DENFitClub!

  6. Wendy Norton said:

    I am getting started on my application, been at it all day. Lots of ideas!! Love how the creative juices begin to flow whenever I think DEN.

  7. norma rockwell said:

    What everyone before me has said! I am excited and getting started – the video portion is the lesson I will be presenting this week 😉 I hope, hope, hope I get accepted 🙂

  8. Julia Millar said:

    YEEE HAWWWW!!!!!! Nashville is a fantastic city!!! I have been so excited with all the activities I have been able to do this year with my students and Discovery Education since it is our first year with one to one iPads. I sure hope I get to attend.

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  10. Deborah Thonus said:

    Glad I saved my gear from Bozeman! It might come in handy if I am lucky enough to be accepted to DEN S.I. 2014. SO EXCITED!!!! Fingers crossed, application process started!

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