On this day… Apollo 14

On this day…

Apollo 14, the eighth manned mission in the United States Apollo program, and the third mission to land on the moon, touched down on February 5, 1971. It was the third and final of the H – missions, landings with up to two day stays on the moon, including two moonwalks (no, not those kind of moonwalks!).





The crew, consisting of Commander Alan Shepard, Command Module Pilot Stuart Roosa, and Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell, embarked on their journey on January 31, 1971. The lunar landing occurred in the Fra Mauro formation, the original target of the Apollo 13 mission, on February 5, 1971. During the two moonwalks, close to 100 lb. of moon rocks were collected. The collection of lunar material was one of the many objectives of the mission. During a televised broadcast, Alan Shepard famously hit two golf balls with a makeshift golf club that he brought from Earth.

While Shepard and Mitchell were on the surface of the moon carrying out the moonwalks, Roosa remained in the Command/Service Module, carrying out many different scientific experiments and photographing the Earth.

The crew of the Apollo 14 Mission landed safely in the Pacific Ocean on February 9, 1971.


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