Chad’s Choices from the Community


I was able to wrangle the blog series back from Steve after his attempt at a hostile takeover. Okay, it wasn’t hostile, I asked him to fill in while I was out two weeks ago, which he did, flawlessly! Nonetheless, I’m back with another post in the blog series, Chad’s Choices from the Community. This blog series is one of the most read and wildly popular series on the planet. (I made that part up.)  Keep reading to find a few blog posts and resources that were shared by a DEN member on Twitter. Keep in mind, while others may have also shared the same post/article, I saw it posted by the person I’m noting below. Forgive me if I’m not giving credit to the person who first posted it. In addition, you’ll find a few blogs by DEN members and members from community to follow on Twitter. Some of the people listed are veteran DEN members while others are new to the community. Lastly, I’d like to share a DEN Person of Interest.

Articles from the Community

Favorite Tweet from the Community

Blogs/Wikis/Class sites from the Community

People from the Community to Follow

Persons of Interest

This week’s Person of Interest is Jan Abernethy.  Jan, a DEN STAR and longtime LC member from Pennsylvania, can be found sharing things from her Twitter account as well as classroom happenings on her class blog. She been a fixture at DEN events in Pennsylvania and the DEN Summer Institute and has been entertaining the DEN Community for quite some time. Jan has DENthusiasm coming out of her ears and if you’ve met her, you know this is true! Jan and her students are working on a special project involving cyberbullying and are looking for more classes and students to get involved. Take a look at a board her students created about the project for more information.


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