Microsoft Excel For Educators: Segment 1

Do you find yourself wishing you could put student data and information to work for you more frequently than you feel you are able to today? Is one of the reasons that this data is often stored all over the place in hundreds of different files and Excel documents? Is another reason that you feel you just couldn’t possibly make time for the heavy analysis that you expect is necessary. If yes, give this new series of video tutorials a try. Titled Microsoft Excel For Educators, I’ve tried to take some of the things that I do in my work with the Analytics, Research and Evaluation team here at Discovery Education and frame them in the perspective of the classroom teacher, and then divide them into 15-20 minute segments. I’ll be releasing one video per week here on the DEN blogs and I’m hoping that they can be of some use. It will be beneficial as you view the 15-20 minute videos to also have the companion worksheet open so that you can try things in a hands-on environment as you see them (

Our first video will highlight some of the basics of Microsoft Excel, but I think will take a different angle on some of the things that everyone knows how to do. You might find that copying, sorting, or grouping your data is much easier than you thought using some of these new tips. I do want to apologize, the audio and video quality of this first effort is not as high as anticipated. I’ve cleared these issues up on future segments, and I’ll likely come back to replace this video as I can find time to re-record. So without further adieu: Microsoft Excel For Educators: Segment 1.

Please be on the lookout for Segments 2 and 3 of this series where we will explore the following:

Microsofot Excel Formatting Tools
Conditional Formatting
The “IF” functions (Sumif, Averageif, Countif)

And we’ll keep it going from there. Please do leave comments, suggestions, questions as you see fit. And again, my apologies for the less than desirable quality of this video and do know that you’ll see a marked improvement next week. Please enjoy.


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