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One thing that you should know about me is that I have a powerful Personalized Learning Community (PLC).  Many years ago our school district purchased a product called United Streaming which later changed to Discovery Education.  It started as access to quality educational videos that you could stream or download but quickly expanded into building a network of educators whose passion to integrate technology brought them together.

My first experience with the DEN was in Fontana, Wisconsin at a day long learning experience where Steve Dembo shared about podcasting and Bernajean Porter inspired me to start digital storytelling with my students.  It was also where I first met Rita Mortenson who made me want to work in Verona because she is so amazing.  Since then I have attended several DENSI (Discovery Education National Summer Institutes) which have inspired me to push myself to learn more and do more to integrate technology in creative ways – MP3 Bilingual Home Literacy program, iPad Creation, Student Digital Portfolios, Augmented Reality, and now Makerspaces.

As part of the DEN Leadership Council, I get the opportunity to blog about my learning and technology integration with students.  So as I started this adventure with the SP Design Lab, I wanted to start a blog that documents how this process of “making” happens for both the teacher and the students.  My idea was quickly embraced by the DEN and now we will be posting a bi-weekly blog called iMake iLearn.  I am so excited to learn even more and try to replicate some of these amazing learning experiences with my students.


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  1. Kass said:

    This is great reflection on your own learning. I look forward to reading about the new journey.

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