“JUMP-starting” Discovery Pre-Con at Pete&C

ToIMG_8794day Dean Shareski ‘jump started’ our Discovery Pre-con at Pete&C. Dean discussed the JOY of learning- bringing JOY to the classroom. He first shared the definition of JOY: Joy is that of the emotion of well-being and success as well as the expression of that well being. Then he shared some wonderful classroom examples of JOY. It was refreshing to see the smiles on the students’ faces as they truly experienced complete JOY while successfully completing experiments or making a silly video. JOY did not come from taking a test. Learning should be fun.

Two quotes he shared stood out to me. The first was a quote by Gary Stager: “One of the best things you can do for your students is to be an interesting person.”  I love this! When students ‘see’ our interests, our passions, who we are… we are modeling our life-long learning, passions, silly side, – our true personalities. Here is the second quote:


As educators we need to allow our students to be ‘silly’! Learning takes place even in silly situations. Laughing while learning should be happening in your classroom! I am silly with my students all the time. They get me. There’s nothing to hide. Our students need to see us laugh. They need to see us be real.

photoDEN 2



The image to the right is definitely something I’d like to share with my fellow colleagues. Where does your classroom fit in? Most classrooms are Ritual Compliance. I am confident to say that my classroom is on the Engagement level.

If you are stuck on Ritual Compliance… reevaluate your teaching! Bring JOY to the classroom. Engage your students. Be fearless.

Below is Dean’s presentation on JOY. Check it out… JUMP-start the JOY factor in your classroom.

Dean Shareski- JOY

Here is a video DEN Star Jan Abernethy created with her students. She was inspired by Dean’s presentation, and wanted to share the JOY in her own classroom.



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  1. DENnis said:

    Here’s another quote for you…
    “Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
    A JOY-ful classroom is one that is built on a foundation of relationships and trust.

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