New DENtern Welcome Message


I am the new social media marketing DENtern and am thrilled to be working for Discovery Education this spring. Currently, I am pursuing my MBA with concentrations in marketing and management at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  I aspire to engage the current Discovery educators via social media, while also DENforming all educators on the various ways Discovery Education transforms the traditional classroom and promotes inquiry-based learning.  I recall my K-12 experience as a CPS (Chicago Public Schools) student. While I will never forget the required readings and standardized tests, nothing was more memorable than educational movies, computer lab time, and hands-on activities. It allowed students to be innovative, to explore, and to do more than fill in a bubble on an exam. I can only imagine the expressions on the faces of your students when they are able to experience interactive learning with digital media because that was once me.  I write all of this to say, I highly admire the work of Discovery educators and am eager to interact with the DEN community and share the DEN with others.

Currently, I am working on a project titled “#MakeADifferenceMonday” where I will be publishing blogs, and information on social media about a specific issue that DEN STARS are working to solve, or general issues that students in K-12 are encountering. I would love to promote your passion projects on Discovery Education’s blog and social media sites. So DEN STARS, do you have a passion project that you’re working on that deals with important issues affecting k-12 students? I would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me via email at


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