DENSI: What is all the fuss about?

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As teachers we often work in isolation. The daily demands of classroom
instruction, lesson planning, assessment, curriculum integration,
meetings, continued professional development and district directives
leave us with precious few minutes to spare for our personal and family
life. How do you recharge and connect with like-minded educators?

DENSI 2014 is your answer!

If you have attended a previous Discovery Education Summer Institute (or
as Porter would say, “DEN-S-I”) you know what it is all about. If you
have not, imagine spending a week on a university campus with more than
100 dynamic educators who love what they do and want to collaborate and have fun. These colleagues become your extended family and friends and the memories created at DENSI build a bond that lasts.

This week on DENvice we will share our fond memories of previous DENSI
events, answer questions and encourage others to join us. Stop by and
join the conversation at


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  1. Francie said:

    Great post and idea Zulma!! I will be stopping by DEN Vice on FB this week to chime in. I am also hoping and praying to be part of the group heading to Nashville this summer.

  2. Wendy norton said:

    Ery exciting, been working on my application all week. Fingers crossed I gat in.

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