Seeds and Deeds



A gardener spends time with seeds and the dynamics of seeds

Gardeners learn things about seeds

Not all planted seeds will germinate

Not all that germinate will survive

Not all of the food that may be produced will be eaten by humans

– ground hogs, deer, rabbits, raccoons, . . . may get to it first


Gardeners still plant seeds


There are other seeds to plant

Seeds of change


Change gardeners work with others by:

Deeply listening to each other

Striving to understand those who think differently

Uncovering and supporting the common good

Being willing to move toward the common good

Endeavoring to have words and deeds harmonize


Deeds and seeds


Our deeds are not guarantees of outcomes

Just like the planting of seeds

Not all deeds lead to the preferred outcome

Not all are understood

Not all are appreciated by others


Change gardeners still plant seeds of change

~ Jerry Jennings, February 2014

Deeds like seeds, take their own time to fructify.  ~ Gandhi


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