Microsoft Excel For Educators: Segment 3

Welcome all to a new week of Excel for Educators where I’ve tried to take some of the things that I do in my work with the Analytics, Research and Evaluation team here at Discovery Education and frame them in the perspective of the classroom teacher, and then divide them into 15-20 minute segments. This is the third post of the series. It will be beneficial as you view the 15-20 minute videos to also have the companion worksheet open so that you can try things in a hands-on environment as you see them (

In this video we will explore Excel vlookup, countif, sumif, and averageif tools. The ability to use these tools can help us combine multiple data sets into meaningful charts for exploration using some of the tools that we’ve discussed previously.

Segment 1 can be accessed at:

Segment 2 can be accessed at:

Please be on the lookout for Segments 4 and 5 of this series where we will explore more….

Please do leave comments, suggestions, questions as you see fit. Please enjoy.


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