DEN STAR Strives to Stop Cyberbullying

In every classroom, there’s a possibility that a student will be bullied; however, the typical fight, or cruel exchange of words, on the schoolyard has transformed into viral videos of bullying and the making of fake profiles on social media that continue to embarrass and degrade students. Whether it’s on the school’s campus or over the web, bullying is wrong; nonetheless, social media has taken bullying to another level allowing mistreatment, which was once only seen by a small number of witnesses, to be published on the web for the entire world to see. Cyberbullying is the victimization of people using technology, such as publishing embarrassing videos/pictures and rumors on the web, sending threatening text messages/emails, and making fake profiles/websites to negatively exploit people. These senseless acts being done via electronic technology have been the cause of low self-esteem and even suicides. Cyberbullying has to be stopped!

Pennsylvania DEN STAR Jan Abernethy, along with her fifth grade students, are currently working on a project to end cyberbullying. By using Discovery Education Board Builder, Abernethy and her classroom created a board to share information about their project. The DEN STAR is looking for more classes and students to get involved in this project and to help shed light on this important issue. “We have reached out to other classrooms around the country and currently we have [DEN STAR Brandon Wislocki’s] class joining us. They helped create the buttons we used for the contest,” Abernethy said. The fifth grade class would like the button to be used on all social media sites to report cyber bullying.

Abernethy added, “We are looking for more classes and teachers to join our cause. The more letters we can write and the more publicity we can garner, the better chance the social media sites will pay attention to us.” Will you be more than just a bystander and help put an end to cyberbullying? Visit to get involved with Jan’s classroom and watch videos about cyberbullying!

DEN STARs, do you have a passion project that you’re working on that deals with important issues affecting k-12 students? I would love to hear from you! Contact Ariana Taylor via email at


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