It’s All About Hockey!

With the completion of the 2014 Winter Olympics, the world was focused on athletes competing in all sorts of winter sports. Hockey remains the most popular of the winter sports. I won’t even mention who won both gold medals.

Discovery Education is excited to take you a little deeper into Canada’s national sport. No, not lacrosse but hockey. The True North Foundation and The Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy is dedicated to providing opportunities for under privileged children in Winnipeg the chance to learn the game of hockey and in turn help to increase graduation rates and attendance in local schools. Winnipeg St. James-Assiniboia School Division has been beneficiaries of this program for several years.

This field trip will take you inside hockey to learn about the skills, the science, and careers in hockey. We’ll hear from coaches, players, and others involved in the program. Whether you’ve only seen hockey on television or played it your whole life, this is a great opportunity for your students to get a taste of the game, go inside the dressing rooms of an NHL team, and learn about the varied career options associated with the game.

Let us know you’ll be there by registering here.

Then, join us at 1PM ET on March 26 for this live event. The event will last about 30 minutes and allow students to submit questions and interact with the featured guests. Who knows we may even get to ride a zamboni!


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  1. Jane Couch said:

    As one of the schools benefiting from this program, I can honestly say the WJHA is changing lives, now and for the future. The skills taught can be transferred into life in and outside of school. It is not only changing our students. It is teaching our whole community about the benefits of perseverance and positivity.

  2. Cheri Banks said:

    Well said, Jane! I can’t wait to share this blog post with the teachers in our school. Looks like a great wait for all of our students to learn about hockey!

  3. Karen Lirenman said:

    Sounds fun! I wish we could join in on the fun live but alas we have school closure days that week. I’m assuming there will be a shared link after the fact? I’ll look out for it. Thanks!

  4. Zoe Bettess said:

    This is during our lunchtime but I am going to stay for lunch and livestream it in our library and invited students to stay!

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