Future@Now: Roadmap to the Digital Transition

The second annual Future@Now forum discussed the transition from traditional classrooms to digital classrooms. Built off the discussions from last year, this new agenda focuses on the critical steps necessary to successfully implement digital learning. Future@Now: Roadmap to the Digital Transition gave viewers the opportunity to hear practical advice and real success stories from real leaders.

Relive the event and absorb the informative discussions featuring innovative students, educators, association leaders, policy makers, and corporate visionaries.

Access the Roadmap (Includes Archived Video Segments)

What the Forum Covered

Featuring Congressman George Miller, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and Broad Prize Winner Superintendent Alberto Carvalho of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Future@Now: Roadmap to the Digital Transition showcased these and other noteworthy keynote speakers in five compelling sessions including:

  • The Call to Action — Students Speak
    Before you dive in to plan your digital transition, listen to the call to action from the stakeholders who have the largest stake in its success: students. Hear how digital learning is impacting their achievement and find out how to incorporate their voices into your change movement.
  • Planning Your Transition
    Hear from districts that are on the cusp of launching their digital transition and policymakers who are helping to pave the way. Thought-leaders from the government, education, and private sectors provide firsthand insight into their planning processes and navigating the leap from traditional to digital.
  • Creating a Culture and Community of Change
    Hear from public and private change agents about how to create a culture of change – both inside of your organization and in your community of influence. Glean best practices from some of the most successful change initiatives in the country about how to create a culture that maximizes the opportunities for change to flourish.
  • Leading from the Front: Developing Teacher Leaders
    With teachers leading everything from adoption committees to digital peer-mentoring courses, classroom educators have become a critical component of the change movement. Hear about the key roles that Teacher Leaders play in digital transitions, and the key strategies for engaging them in the process.
  • Digital by Design: Integrating Digital Resources into the Classroom
    Celebrate the successes of those educators who have deployed digital textbooks into classrooms and begun yielding results. Get insight about how to successfully merge digital resources and instructional methodologies to yield the best outcomes for both students and teachers.

The day culminated with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan taking us on a live visit to a digital classroom in Washington D.C. as part of Discovery Education’s and the White House’s “Of the People” webinar series.

Featured Speakers

George MillerGeorge Miller (D-Calif.)
Senior Democrat on the House Education and the Workforce Committee and author of “Transforming Education through Technology Act”

Arne DuncanArne Duncan
U.S. Secretary of Education


Alberto CarvalhoAlberto Carvalho
Miami-Dade County Public Schools


Kaya HendersonKaya Henderson
Chancellor of DC Public Schools


Dallas Dance

S. Dallas Dance, Ph.D.
Baltimore County Public Schools


Chris KennedyChris Kennedy
Superintendent of Schools/CEO
West Vancouver School District, Canada


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