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What do you do when you are not the expert and do not have the time to become the expert?  Enlist a student who is passionate about it and see where it takes you both!

So in an earlier post I wrote about starting a Design Lab in our school and taking the leap into Minecraft EDU.   A leap that has pushed me to lose the control that I held as soon as I became a teacher and subsequently struggle to release when I am no longer the leader but rather the guide.  How do I create an environment that I do not understand?  What would happen if a student designs on our server for other students…. NO, I CAN’T DO THAT!

Why not?

Let me introduce Max.  Max is a 7th grade student at our neighboring middle school who is passionate about Minecraft.  Max suggested creating different scenarios for our students in our after-school Minecraft EDU group.

In his first scenario, Max created using the tutorial world but took it a step further.  As players spawned (the Minecraft word for generating your avatar), they were given the tutorial world with a portal to an advanced world that Max had created.  In the advanced world, Max designed more challenges involving lava and more intricate knowledge of navigation.  This is the video that Max created to share some of the scenario.

Our elementary student group loved the scenario and was quick to give suggestions for the next week challenge.   In a future post, I will share several more scenarios that Max has created as well as a few of the challenges that we have encountered.  (Servers crashing… scenarios not working… and who knows what else.)

In the comments, please share resources that you have found while using Minecraft in your school.


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