Google Glass Helps Transforms The Vision of Teaching and Learning at Mike Davis Elementary

Everyone meet DEN STAR extraordinaire Adam Winkle.  He currently teaches kindergarten through fifth grade science as a related arts or “specials” class at Mike Davis Elementary.  His school is considered Title 1  and is predominantly ELL or ESOL students, which means their knowledge of the content area when they come to class is lower than most.  He doesn’t let that stop him from transforming instruction in creative ways.  Check out how he’s using Google Glasses to set a new vision for learning with his students!


We are ecstatic to present an electrifying experience, using an ideal called Flipping the Classroom or STEMvids.  Don’t worry about Negative comments, because this electric lesson will be sure to bring some Positive charges to your teaching experience.  STEMvids will be fun bite sized informational videos used throughout all grade levels to connect students with content and background knowledge.  In this session, we are going to be working together to see how to make your very own STEMvids and Flipped classroom videos.  This is sure to be ELECTRIC!!!   
     How can this help your classroom?
Students have a huge repertoire of technology at home, and we are going to learn how to harvest their home technology to deepen their knowledge for STEM and content in the classroom.
    What does this mean for student engagement?
From a study done at Harvard with a flipped classroom, the student dropout rate began at  63% of all students, entering as freshman in a local high school, dropped out before reaching their Senior year.  Once the flipped classroom/STEMvid idea entered the classroom, the dropout rate was significantly lower; only 19% dropped out before they reached the Senior grade level.
     From a high school perspective this is absolutely amazing, however what about our elementary and middle school friends?
  Mike Davis Elementary has been flipping the classroom  this year. The school’s data was recently analyzed and showed some interesting information.  When the year began the students showed only about 40% proficient in their science curriculum and content.  However, as the year progresses the students are showing significant growth in content knowledge with an increase of about 22%, which means 62% proficiency in kindergarten-fifth grade science standards.
     I have to be honest the first video took me about 45 minutes…. But it was because I kept editing the video since I did not like seeing myself on the computer.  But once you get around that idea… my lessons and videos only take about 15 minutes to create and host.  This small 15 minutes of my time from home have increased my student scores significantly over the course of the year, and as a teacher that is plenty of increase to implement something so FUN and SIMPLE.
Check out these examples:

  • My Flipped Classroom:
  • My Interactive Quiz:
  • STEMvid Diffusion:
  • STEMvid Photons From the Sun:
  • My YouTube Channel:



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