#DENchat in March

It’s March, which means it’s time for some updates on #DENchat. Mark your calendars for the exciting topics that are coming up. We “meet” every Thursday night at 8:00 PM ET using a chat format on Twitter. Use the search feature in Twitter or your favorite hosting client (like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck), and follow the hashtag #denchat. Even throughout the week, there are amazing resources and conversations being shared there!

This month in #DENchat we are discussing the following topics:

March 6: Lisa Parisi (@lparisi) is hosting this week and will be leading the discussion on how to make the best of Common Core transition without making your kids (and yourself!) crazy.

March 13: Join Kati Searcy (@KatiSearcy) to discuss making assessment authentic and fun!

March 20: This week Cate Beck (@catebeck) will lead  our chat on Makerspaces, an amazingly refreshing trend in innovative classroom design. Come discuss the why’s and how’s of creating your own Makerspace!

March 27: For the final chat of March, join Kass Bates (@kbates22) to discuss another awesome DEN passion project – DENbrarians! Come find out how librarians, book lovers, and educators are working collaboratively each month to make the best of the newest Young Adult Literature!


March is an inspiring month for #DENchat. Don’t miss out!


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